Monday, 28 February 2011

The Annual Red Carpet Frock Off - Oscar Fashion

So in case you have been in hibernation in the last 24 hours, The Oscars were last night - I can't really write a fashion blog and not mention my favourite dresses of the night can I...... Red, Plum, Gold and Red seemed to be colours of choice this year - I know that some fashion critics think that Red is a tricky colour on the red carpet to pull off but I thought Ann Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and Sandra Bullock managed to pull it off. The dress of the night for me went to Cate Blanchett though (who in my opinion always gets it right) in Givenchy Couture - the detailing and the shape were to die for. And great to see Florench Welch rockin it for us Brits in Vintage Valentino. Girl does us proud!


  1. absolutely love the first dress and the Elie Saab dress that Mila Kunis is wearing.


  2. Us too - Cate Blanchett wins for me this year. Thanks for checking us out. Really like your blog Katie. 18 AND EAST xx